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Here at Simpson Residential we like to keep our clients and the wider community up to date with what we are up to around the West Coast. It might be about our latest exciting project, where we are taking the business, or the newest building technologies and home innovations. You'll find it here!

2017 in full swing!                                                                     20/02/2017

Wow what a crazy summer we’ve had so far. We've sure had our fair share of rain! Despite this, our builders have been keeping busy.

We’re excited to say we’ve got stuck into working on our new show room! We hope to have this completed this year for an inviting, inspirational space for our clients to enjoy when they visit and a warmer, fancier space for our office staff to work. We have started progress on the roof. Watch this space…

This year has so far seen the departure of our Office Manager extraordinaire Paige Smith. Paige has been with us for over a year and has been a valuable asset to Simpson Residential. Thanks for all your hard work Paige. We wish you all the best with your exciting new life in Melbourne.

With Paige’s departure, we welcome our new Office Manager, Tarn Murtha, who has just returned home to the coast after over 12 years living abroad, with the most part in Melbourne. She’s been busy learning the ropes and has given the office a bit of a spruce up. The resident spiders didn’t stand a chance!

We promised pics of the amazing Hyde Lourie architectural home located in Kowhitirangi. The home took about 18 months to complete, but was well worth the wait! Here’s a sneak peak, and you'll find more on our Facebook page. We’ll be uploading more soon for your viewing pleasure.

Have you seen our latest exciting Facebook competition? A new playhouse would keep the kids happy and occupied for hours while you work on those home renovation ideas. All you have to do is Like our Facebook page, post a photo in the post comments of the perfect spot for your brand new playhouse, and share the post by the 10th of March. It’s that easy! 

The Westland district has had a recent influx of visitors despite the weather, and new subdivisions opening up. Hokitika alone has been a hive of activity in town, making things look very positive for the future.

Here’s hoping for an enjoyable late summer. A chance to enjoy more time on the deck with a bevie in hand, or start that summer renovation project you’ve been procrastinating over.

Has your roof been leaking from all the rain? Perhaps re-roofing is in order before the cooler months hit. If so, why not give us a call? We’d love to hear from you!


Hayden Simpson


Simpson Residential Limited


The Hyde Lourie home 

Be in to win!

Our Year in Review                                                                   23/12/2016

Four residential builds, tick! Six major alterations, tick! Seven commercial projects, tick! Here at Simpson Residential we are completely and utterly wrapped with the way 2016 has played out. The highlights of 2016 are left, right and centre – Our team have been all over the West Coast and have displayed nothing but top quality craftsmanship. The team has been very busy in our own Hokitika community, Hari Hari, Franz Josef, Fox and Okarito. We have received a huge amount of feedback this year which has made the big boss proud as punch. Getting out into the different communities has leveraged a great deal of interest and feedback – fair to say word-of-mouth has been on fire and we all know its like gold to any business.

A huge stand out moment for us has been the completion of the Hyde Lourie architectural home located in Kowhitirangi. The construction of a 700m2 architectural home included high specifications as well as unique and diverse details that are not common for a regular home build. This project demonstrates the importance that we place on finishings and our quality workmanship to meet our client’s unique and diverse requirements. The home is breathe taking and we cant wait to show it off – Watch this space for top notch professional photos to come!

Another golden moment for us was carrying out the smoke damage repair project at South Westland Area School. We also carried out the much needed Gym Annex roof replacement job at Westland High School. There is a sense of pride that comes with helping such a great community improve or repair their facilities – the sort of jobs we love to get involved with! For some of us it was revisiting the old school stomping ground – many deja vu moments having smoko breaks were had.

As we head into 2017 Simpson Residential is gearing up to start work on our very own showroom! We are wanting to create a hub for our clients where we can inspire and shape their ideas by bringing their vision of their home to reality. We want all our client’s desires to be found here, whether it is the latest home innovations they are after or perhaps puzzled with where to start. This space will kick start their imagination and show them what is possible for their home from suppliers in their very own backyard. 

 In 2017 we will also head into our 1st full year of being Wide Span Shed agents. There isn’t a shed that can't be done and we are excited to be teaming up with a company who is as diverse and flexible as we are. Keep an eye out as 1st birthday celebrations call for a cold one.

And finally, a huge thanks goes out to our builders, clients and suppliers of 2016. Without your support we don’t think 2016 would have been as amazing as it was – we have you all to thank for making 2016 what it was…and that’s bloody awesome!


Hayden Simpson


Simpson Residential Limited 


Merry Christmas From Simpson Residential

Future Proofing Your Home                                                        18/07/2016

West Coasters are known to take pride in their homes and are always after new ways to future proof it. You may be after something a little more low maintenance to free up the weekends and the pocket; or maybe you are close to retiring and want your home to be hassle free. Simpson Residential are proud agents of Palliside®, an exterior cladding system worthwhile for when your lifestyle is priority and you need more time away from house work and maintenance.

Palliside® is essentially a traditional weatherboard without the upkeep. By having the natural appearance of a wooden weatherboard, Palliside® allows your home to maintain its traditional character or can add another textured cladding element to your modern home. Believe it or not, Palliside® is a formulated uPVC giving the product strength and creating an impact resistant exterior cladding. And for the carers of the environment, Palliside® is manufactured in New Zealand from 100% recycled material proving the product to be sustainable.

West Coasters are becoming more educated around what kind of cladding systems are available - you could say we have TV programme ‘The Block’ to thank for that. Being West Coasters ourselves we know more about what you are looking for in terms of the right cladding to stand the test of the coastal environment. Weathertightness and durability being the two most important. On the West Coast we have become accustom to a ridiculous amount of rain, which is where the design of Palliside® has worked in our favour. The specific design and innovation of Palliside® has meant weathertightness is ultimately achieved. Not only that, but Palliside® is not affected at all by salt spray giving weathertightness the tick. The products durability can outstand the test of time after ten, twenty or even fifty years of coastal high winds or the moody West Coast storms.

Touching up paint versus’ a beer on the deck, it’s obvious which you would rather be doing. The product’s low maintenance speaks for itself. Palliside® will never need painting, never! Not even in 25 years’ time. Palliside® is guaranteed by the manufactures for 25 years – giving you peace of mind for many years to come. The product won’t suddenly fail or breakdown. It really is a durable product, no touch ups and no paint. And you ask what happens after the 25 years’ guaranteed? The answer is simple, Palliside® will continue to perform as an exterior cladding system for your home and family.

Palliside® is very cost effective and is generally less expensive then painted timber. Long term savings are also made with Palliside®, as you never need to paint it and requires little to no maintenance for years to come. The upkeep of exterior cladding can in many cases be expensive and time consuming – this is not a concern for our West Coast homeowners who already have Palliside®, allowing them to top up the retirement fund or for the more youthful, saving more for the things they love.   


Hayden Simpson


Simpson Residential Limited


Bring a bit of summer into your home among the winter months    17/06/2016

Well the winter months are right in front of us. They are here, and boy are we feeling it! The hot topic at the moment is learning how to keep West Coast homes warm and dry. We all know that cold and damp houses are associated with poor family health. That’s why it’s so important for our West Coast families to have houses that are warm and dry while we are waiting for summer to come back around.

There are a few solutions to kicking the coasts’ dampness and safe guarding our homes from the chilly temperatures. Insulation is the first best way to keep your home warm and helps save on heating costs due to the drop in power use. Double glazed windows is another avenue of controlling loss of heat and reduce condensation. The words ‘drier and warmer home’ couldn’t sound any better right now. 

If we liken insulation to a postal envelope you will understand the impact small changes on your home will create a warmer healthier environment for your family. If you imagine your home’s roof, walls and flooring as the postal envelope – you can apply insulation to one or two of the roof, walls or floor and still experience a difference. Of course, if you were to apply insulation to all (roof, walls and floor) you will gain the most effective warmth and dryness in your home. Completely sealing your home, like you would sealing an envelope, will halve your heating/energy compared to an uninsulated home.

If we look at the nitty gritty, it is estimated 18-25% loss of heat through walls, 21-31% loss of heat through windows, 30-35% loss of heat through roof and 12-14% loss of heat through flooring.  So if the budget didn’t speak for the entire house there are still big gains in ticking the insulation box off one area at a time – Ceiling being your first stop with huge warmth gains there.

It is an investment, and how we see it is, paying a bit now for insulation will save you money in the long run. With power prices set to jump, insulation is a smart move to dodge high power bills in the future.

There are sneaky tricks like sealing any gaps or cracks that welcome the nasty draft in, believe it or not, they account for a great deal of heat loss. Such an easy solution to fill and repair gaps, yet very effective for a warm West Coast home.

Installing extractor fans in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry to get rid of moisture is another handy tip. This one is probably a given, airing the house out to ensure fresh West Coast air is circulating your home.

We’ve got the tips and tricks sorted to get you a warmer, drier home. You know where to find us,


Hayden Simpson


Simpson Residential Limited



Agfest 2016 Round Up                                                         12/05/2016

It was our first time at Agfest this year and we wanted to get out into the community without our tool belts for a couple of days. We wanted to find out more about the community’s housing wants and needs, seeing where we fit in and hearing the passionate ideas you have to make your house more like home. Many of you spoke about housing ideas that would prepare you and your family for the future – Thinking long term and how to achieve the lifestyle you are working hard for truly inspired us and we learnt a great deal from good conversations.

Once again we surprised our visitors with having our pre-drawn certified plans on display. This is what gives us a competitive advantage in the market so we can compete with the likes of larger franchised builders, who offer the package deal. We are able to promise locally sourced materials and suppliers which gives our clients confidence that they are helping to boost the West Coast economy. Providing peace of mind and good feelings about contributing to the community directly – This is what we are truly passionate about.

We had the pleasure of announcing the TV winner – Gary Schroder! Gary was torn between gifting the TV to this son to use for gaming or keeping it for himself to catch the up and coming test matches. We know which way we would go, can’t be watching test matches on play back. Enjoy Gary!

A couple of weeks after the event we arrived nice and early to the McKewen family home to place the playhouse on its new foundation in the backyard. The backyard at the McKewen family residents will now be a huge amount of fun, thanks to Luca’s epic colouring skills. A playhouse fit for a king!

Following the event we sat back and talked about our take-aways from the event. We came away with a better understanding of the community’s needs in terms of housing and lifestyle – Funny enough, we found that every coaster needs a large 3+ bay shed in their backyard, and for family homes insulation is a big need for this time of year. Networking among other trade industry providers gave us a good perspective on where the industry is headed and where we currently sit. Again good ideas were bounced around in conversation to keep the community pumping away. We also came away with more of an understanding around the housing market and buying stages people are at. We found it is all about pairing great home ideas with dollars in a smart achievable way, which resulted in good minds coming together – This is the stuff we love!

See us at Agfest 2018 for inspiration and direction towards making your West Coast house more like home. 


Hayden Simpson


Simpson Residential Limited



Our Agfest 2016 Display, featuring Luca McKewen's New Playhouse

Put your mark on the plans                                                            12/02/16

We like to take pride in our residential builds that are designed to suit the West Coast landscape. Here’s something you may not know about us. Together we have teamed up with the Certified Builders Association to provide our clients with pre-designed architectural home plans. The pre-drawn plans have been designed with New Zealand landscapes in mind, as well as the country’s conditions and lifestyle. There are a 24 stunning home plans waiting for you to take your pick!

You will find the pre-drawn plans will suit an arrange of lifestyles, whether it be urban living, rural living or seaside areas with breath taking views. There is bound to be a design that suits your grass patch on the West Coast. By having these architectural plans ready available for our clients means less people to deal with which reduces the cost and because the plans are priced and ready to go there is a fast turnaround from plan selection to submitting the plan to council.

Although the plans are pre-drawn you ultimately hold complete control over the entire process. The plans are not set in stone, the plans are flexible and customisable. This makes all of your ideas possible; whether it be extending the single garage to a double, adding the extra bedroom for the extended family or putting your mark on the plans to represent the home environment you want. That way you are getting the home that suits your life style and your West Coast landscape. Put your mark on the plans!

It’s not just the franchised building companies who have the ability to offer pre-drawn plans along with a home build. Teaming up with the Certified Builders Association has not only allowed us to offer the pre-drawn plans, but also provides our clients with building confidence because we have their stamp of approval – And we are a bit proud of that.

Helen Johnston and Tim Madden’s newly built home out at Montague Spur is a prime example of a certified house plan completed by our team. For Helen and Tim it was about finding a house plan that emphasised the coastal landscape and view of the ocean. We introduced Helen and Tim to the wide range of Certified Plans where they were able to make a design selection that suited their section and coastal landscape perfectly. The Ponga Certified Plan was the one! The Ponga Plan was able to make the coastal landscape view the essence of the home. With being a linear house design, Helen and Tim were able to capture the ocean view from nearly every room in the house. The plan layout ticked every box to meet their lifestyle needs as West Coaster’s.

We want to meet the housing needs of more West Coaster’s. We want to be able to tick every box possible and it is the Certified Plans that can help us do this. Come in and chat to us about the Certified Plans. We are more than happy to show you the,m and potentially introduce you to your next West Coast home.

Hayden Simpson


Simpson Residential Limited 



Helen and Tim's new home - Ponga plan design

Where to look for us in 2016                                                          08/01/16

There were a lot of firsts for Simpson Residential last year. We managed to complete six exceptional new homes for families on the West Coast. We had a good year of mixed work from residential and light commercial, which kept us on our toes with taking on Hokitika’s Subway fit out. I am extremely proud of the work my team and extend team of sub-contractors completed with a top quality finish.  We were able to see 2015 out with a bang, but before we did, we also joined the digital world. We launched and what a journey it was, it didn’t stop there. After the successful launch of the business website, which we saw many enquires start to trickle in, we thought lets push it that little bit further and we dove into video testimonials. No scripts required, it was an awesome experience that we are thankful for, we were able to hear from our clients about their experience from their point of view. We learnt heaps about ourselves that day as the cameras came on and our past clients sung our praises. And of course, you can check them out on our website funny enough!

Where to look for us in 2016? This year will be our first year as exhibitors in the famous Agfest event. We hope to push our name out into the community, let them know our story, showcase some of our past work, and hear about your home dreams and ideas. There will be an impressive competition with the most desirable prizes yet up for grabs, as well as give-aways for kids. We would love for you to show your face and share with us what’s on the wish list for around your home.

This year we will continue to sponsor World Vision as we have done for years now. As a business we feel it is our responsibility to give to those in need. By helping to change a struggling community less fortunate than ours we hope the positive impact reaches numerous families and children for a better chance at life.

We also like to support our own community as a business by staying true to buying locally. We are passionate about supporting local businesses on the West Coast. We like to kick start our clients imagination and show to them what is possible for their home from suppliers in our very own backyard. By keeping business local the entire community will benefit and keep the West Coast buzzing.

Simpson Residential is also looking forward to learning more about 2016’s new build technologies and home innovations. We will keep you up to date with the interesting things we come across and share how they can benefit your home on the West Coast. Watch this space!


Hayden Simpson


Simpson Residential Limited