New Builds

Do you wake in the night thinking about all the ways your new build could go wrong?

  • Are you excited by the concept of building your own house but have no idea where to start?
  • Does the thought of budget blow outs and the build going over time make your head throb?
  • Are you worried about council consents?
  • Do you have no clue which building company to choose from?
Stop, take a deep breath and let Simpson Residential help! We will not only save you time and money but will rid you of sleepless nights.

Simpson Residential understands that building a new home can be an exciting but daunting task. It is probably the largest financial commitment you are ever likely to undertake in your life time and is why this experience should be enjoyable from start to finish. You may find you’re not sure how to start the process and although a lot of builders will only work with clients who already have an architecturally designed plan and consent from the local council, we are different!  Simpson Residential is more than happy to be there from day one, when all you have is the site and a dream. 

With over 14 years’ experience in the building industry, from small renovations to large new builds, we have the skills to produce quality work, no matter what the project is.

Finding a building company that can deliver your vision from paper to mortar is one the most important aspects of your build. We understand how difficult it can be to retrieve that dream house floating around in your head and create it into something solid and workable but there is no need to worry as we will be there from the start, to help guide you in the direction of an architect suited to your project’s specification. 

You may not have a specific house in mind and are searching for ideas, we can help with this too. We have an exciting range of architecturally drawn plans which cater for all different kinds of housing needs. Our range of plans are a great option when wanting a quick turn around and when you are looking to save on cost. Whether it be a sleep out, beach bach or your dream 5 bedroom home, we have the options and are here to help.

There will be no sleepless nights or sudden panic attacks because the building process will be an enjoyable experience and we will make sure that you are involved every step of the way. To keep track of time frames and budget we use the latest building communication technology and project management system which is in real time.


This enables you to be given updates and have conversations with the builders, sub-contractors and site foreman at any time of the day. Everyone involved in the project will communicate from one platform which eliminates confusion and time wasting and ultimately saves you money. By keeping you in the loop and giving you this hands on experience, nothing is overlooked or forgotten and work continues to flow on time and without stress.

We understand that you want a house that will last. We work with only the best quality materials and our builders are passionate about producing quality work. The biggest compliment we get when finishing a job is always about the quality of our workmanship.

Read what one of our clients has to say:

"The quality of the build is to a very high standard; we are so happy with our new home. Thank you Hayden and the team for all your help and work throughout the build. Overall it has been a great process and we really enjoyed working with you."

Scott Jensen + Felicity Lane – New Home Owners