Why Build With Us?

If you are concerned about being left in the dark, don't be! We will keep you in the loop 24/7

To keep track of time frames and budget we use the latest building communication technology and project management system which is in real time. This enables you to receive updates and to be involved in conversations with the builders, sub-contractors and site foreman at any time of the day. You won’t need to worry about clogging up your work / personnel inbox or losing track of emails, it’s all in the one place. Everyone involved in the project will communicate from one platform which eliminates confusion and time wasting and ultimately saves you money. By keeping you in loop and giving you this hands on experience, nothing is over looked or forgotten and work continues to flow on time and without stress.

Other benefits to working with us and our project management system are:
  • Eliminate stress and keep your finger on the pulse with real time notifications, received by email to your smart phone or computer.
  • With easy to follow schedules and highlighted milestones you can follow the build as it progresses step-by-step.
  • Be prompted to make choices/decisions well in advance of a particular section being worked on. This eliminates on-the-spot decision making, or alternatively holding up the building process.
  • All communication (past and present), files and photos and a detailed schedule of the building process can be easily viewed via your own personnel set of logins.

Make that first step easy with one of our architecturally drawn Certified Plans

If sitting in front of a blank piece of paper while you scribble an unidentifiable object, which should look like your dream home sounds familiar, then one of our architecturally designed plans may be the solution for you!

We understand that actually removing your dream home from the inner workings of your brain and transporting it onto paper can feel like an almost impossible task and sometimes while trying to figure out layouts and plans on your own, can just lead to more confusion.

As Certified Builders we have access to an extensive range of architecturally designed plans that cater for all different kinds of housing needs. Whether you are looking for a home to suit your urban lifestyle, you want to get away from the rat race and enjoy rural living or you want to soak up the sun in a beautiful seaside home, our plans are a great starting point.

Each plan can be easily changed to fit your idea of a dream home and because they are already architecturally designed, the time frame from picking a plan to getting the keys to your new home is dramatically faster than designing from scratch.

All houses built from the Certified Plans come with a 10 year guarantee.





Take a look at our plans

Are you wanting a quality and stress free build, guaranteed? 

                    We Guarantee to give you that!

Simpson Residential are Certified Builders, meaning we are trade qualified builders who adhere to strict guidelines for standards of workmanship and business practice. Not only do we stand behind that work we do but we offer a 10 Year Guarantee on all of our workmanship. This gives you concrete assurances about the products, builders and services provided by our premium quality building company

The Halo 10 year guarantee covers:
  • Loss of Deposit – if the builder doesn't start the work
  • Losses if the builder starts but doesn't complete the work.
  • 10 year cover for the full contract price, for structural defects including weather tightness issues, once the building works has been completed.
  • 10 year cover for the full contract price, for non-structural defects once the building works have been completed.
  • Alternative accommodation expenses while the house is being repaired.
  • The insurance can transfer to any subsequent owners of your house giving them protection also.

When you build with an approved member of NZ Certified Builders, your're protected by New Zealand's most comprehensive 10 year building guarantee.