No painting ever! If the thought of painting your house every 5 years makes you want to cry, Palliside weather boards is the answer for you!


As Palliside Service Providers we are experienced in the installation of Palliside weatherboards to new and existing homes. The Simpson Residential team is regularly trained on the best practices of building with Palliside weather boards and our workmanship is regularly checked by a Palliside territory manager. Because our builders are trained and experienced in installing Palliside, it means that you will receive a much faster build time and accurate quoting, meaning no wastage or extra costs.

6 reasons why you should make Palliside your cladding choice.

Never needs painting - Palliside® weatherboards never need painting, not now, not even in 25 years. So you can enjoy spending time doing the things you love.
Made in NZ - These weatherboards are made here in New Zealand, specifically for New Zealand conditions. Ideal for demanding coastal environments.
Cost Effective - These weatherboards are very cost effective, right from the start. So you’ve got a little more left over to buy the things you’ve always wanted.

25 Year Guarantee - Palliside® is covered by a 25 year manufacturers’ guarantee. Giving you peace of mind today and for years to come.

Sustainable - Palliside® is a sustainable weatherboard system manufactured from 100% recyclable material. The smart choice for future generations.
Independently tested - The Palliside® system has been independently tested to ensure that our weatherboards will stand the test of time.

We can offer extremely competitive prices when building with Palliside weatherboards – Come in and talk to us today and view some samples.